Slimline design & easy to use

Introducing the new range of digital signage displays, with their built in HD media player they require no additional hardware such as PCs, DVD players, excess cables or software, you simply load your media onto a USB stick then plug and play.

The slimline digital signs feature a buttonless tempered glass face, rounded corners, super slim profile and aluminium frame all add to its eye-catching tablet like aesthetics.

The slimline digital signs are fitted with commercial grade panels providing a wide viewing angle, improved colour, contrast and brightness as well as the ability to be used 24 hours a day.

Digital sign suitable for displaying Book of Remembrance information and other memorial products.

Digital Signs gives you:

  • A proven 30% increase in sales compared to traditional advertising

  • Digital signs help with cross-selling by promoting the different products and services

  • Digital signage allows you to display multiple forms of content at once

  • Eliminate the recurring costs associated with printing and shipping new static signs

  • Digital signs can display images, photos, motion graphics and video

  • Available in 19 to 55 inch sizes

Helpful information about Digital Signs

What is it used for?

Digital signs are used to advertise all of your products and services with simple updating via a USB stick or a network connection.

How does it work with the Book of Remembrance?

Information and pricing of the Book of Remembrance can be included in the content as well as other products and services offered.

What support is offered?

3 Years warranty included as standard.

How much does it cost?

Please complete the form below and we will forward full pricing details.

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