Safeguarding the Book of Remembrance

Book scanning turns your records into a digital archive that can save you money, storage space and time in finding records.

Our book scanning technology includes a book scanner, which captures images and uses software to ‘straighten out’ pages. The resulting image looks straight, without the curvature of the page and also means characters, words and spaces appear as they should, without distortion. This process is all done on the computer, without removing pages from bindings or harming them in any way.

We also provide secure digital backup and storage giving you a permanent record and peace of mind for all of your most valuable documents.

A scanned page from the Book of Remembrance in full colour

Book Scanning gives you:

  • Create a safe and secure digital archive to preserve rare and historical books and safeguards information against loss

  • Book scanning allows all your files to be stored electronically, meaning no more rooms dedicated to huge boxes of files, gathering dust

  • We provide a secure direct door-to-door service with fast turnaround

  • We offer a wide range of book scanning services in order to offer you a choice of formats to convert your books to

Helpful information about Book Scanning

What is it used for?

Book scanning is used to convert the Books of Remembrance into a digital format.

How does it work with the Book of Remembrance?

The resulting digital images are installed into the Book of Remembrance software. Pages of the Books of Remembrance can then be viewed on any internet connected device worldwide.

How much does it cost?

Please complete the form below and we will forward full pricing details.

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